Rachel S.Hollywood, FL

This review is for our dining experience when they were still open:
Dennis our excellent server precluded by asking if there were any food allergies or any other preferences.
We tried the Local catfish fingers, grilled green tomatoes, okra tomato stew, spicy fries.
They were out of spicy fries so we ordered shrimp & grits instead; Pricey but really delicious.
We enjoyed very good food and service .
We dined outside to cigarette smoke and flashing police strobe lights controlling traffic. Oh Miami!

Michelle L.Miami, FL

If you like fish and grits and all that pimp sh*t 🙂 This place has me feeling like I’m in an Outkast Southernplaya album. As far as the vibe in Southstreet, very down south, groovy, and soulful. There are two bars one downstairs and upstairs with couch seatings and record adorned walls. The place is dimly lit with hardwood floors and servers dressed in their coolest down south chic threads.

The food: fried green tomatoes, fried catfish fingers, and spicy fries really stood out. The only thing we tried was the lobster mac and cheese which was perfect for sharing and a glass of pinot. It was perfection. I knocked off one star because certain things were not available on their already small selection of menu choices. It is a tapas/family-style restaurant.

I really enjoyed the southern vibe and will be returning to try some other things off their menu. Hopefully they will add more!

Antwan E.Miami, FL

Ok so I’d been wanting to have dinner at this spot since I read about it online. Stopped in last night finally and was pleasantly surprised. First, there’s seating outside so you can enjoy the increasing liveliness of Miami’s Design District. Once we got inside, we were promptly attended to by the most charming (and cute) server names Dennis who was an absolute pleasure.
We met the owner (Amaris) who’s adorable and quite pleasant as well. There are bars both up and downstairs in addition to the a quaint little patio on the second level.
FOOD: Catfish nuggets, Shrimp & Grits, Turkey Chop with dressing…all scrumptious!
As a treat, we had mini red velvet cupcakes…again…delish!

I’ll definitely be back here. By the way…GREAT MUSIC as we dined.

Thanks for a fabulous evening!

Monica S.Jacksonville, FL

I left my heart in Philadelphia – that’s what 9 years of living there does to a person. So when I caught wind of a Philly inspired eatery opening up in the former Sra. Martinez digs, I was instantly longing a taste of familiarity.

The actual South Street, a vibrant thoroughfare replete with gutter punks, afro mamas, grungy dives and cheesesteak holes, isn’t necessarily a gourmand’s sanctum, but what it does offer is the melting pot of Philly’s multi-cultured fabric. As far as restaurants on Philly’s hot block go, Miami’s South Street eatery is akin to Ms. Tootsies, a soul food staple in the 215.  

Miami’s South Street celebrates all things Afrocentric and neo-soul and man do they do this well. As Barry White coos overhead and other jazzy, funky musicians bless the soundwaves, your inner Erykah Badu is bound to feel at home. You’ll take a seat in the sexy, sensual, and lush dining room to find a cocktail menu touched by local cocktail gods, Bar Lab, and a soul food menu complete with the traditional classics.

Our table ordered the shrimp and grits and biscuits, fried chicken, deviled eggs, mac and cheese, and a few other shareable sides. Overall, the take on these favorites is a bit untraditional in the sense of richness. It seems there’s a health-conscious approach in the kitchen to make these traditionally fatty dishes somewhat better for you and fresher as a result. I think this goes both ways, fatty is damn tasty sometimes and were some dishes really stood out (fried chicken, shrimp, and grits, biscuits), their mac and cheese seemed to lack that gooeyness I can’t resist and the cornbread biscuits took a passenger seat next to their bready biscuit counterparts. Overall, in a city where Latin food reigns supreme, South Street is a welcome addition.